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Our Successful Mission

We have received many thank you notes from the recipients of the instruments. Here are a few. The soldier's names are omitted due to patient privacy protocols. The actual letters are here in our office.

"George & Clark,
Thank you so much for the musical instruments for the troops! What a morale booster!!"  Officer, Therapist, US Army

"George & Clark,
I cannot express how much I appreciate the guitar. I have always wanted to learn. I think it will be a great therapy. Thank you !"  Soldier, US Army

"George & Clark,
Thank you so much for the instruments. It means so much as I am learning to replay the guitar after losing my arm. Many thanks. God Bless." Soldier, US Marines.

"George & Clark,
I really appreciate the instruments. We all do. Thank you."  Soldier, US Army

In reference to the piano donated to the Non-Denominational Chapel:
"George & Clark,
My son-I am thankful for your gift and God's gift to sing. Praise unto the Lord."
Chaplan, US Army

"George & Clark,
Thank you for the guitar and thank you for the support." Soldier, US Army

"George & Clark,
Thanks a million. What else can I say?" Soldier, US Army

"George & Clark,
I cannot thank you enough for donating me a guitar. The one thing that will be able to speed my recovery is to play again."  Soldier, US Army

"George & Clark,
I cannot thank you enough for the guitar.It's so beautiful, and I'm so thankful." Soldier, US Marines

Letter from Chaplain Craig N. Wiley, U.S. Army

Dear Operation Music Aid Staff:
I would like to thank you for your thoughtful donation of the beautiful white electric organ to our Soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Washington D.C. As our nation is at war and her Soldiers are deployed across the globe, your contributions to the health and welfare of those who serve our nation and their families is a special gift indeed. As chaplains who serve a special group of Americans, it is our privilege to make available the electric organ for healing music to our wounded Soldiers, their families, and our staff. more

Letter From Brooke Army Medical Center - click here to read

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