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Operation: Music Aid would like to thank the following Artists, Corporations, and US Citizens who have helped us through financial contributions, in-kind donations, and public support. Our brave men and women appreciate your thoughtfulness and with your continued support we can bring the healing power of music to our heroes note by precious note.

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Charlie Kniceley - Acoustic Bass Guitar - charliebass.com

It is a great honor to be associated with an organization that provides a non partisan healing service to our men and women in the armed forces. I am a veteran and proud supporter of Operation Music Aid and will continue to do everything I can to forward their mission. I am delighted that OMA is being supported by the Rosendale Street Festival. (the largest free music festival in America 2 days, 5 stages, 4 bands.) “It’s all about the music”.

Danny Louis of Gov't Mule http://www.myspace.com/dannylouismusic

The "pursuit of happiness" is one of the inalienable rights recognized by our country's founders not so very long ago. These rights have been heroically protected for all American citizens by the tremendous sacrifices of the men and women in our armed services who have put themselves in harm's way throughout our history. Unfortunately recently we have asked this of them again and they have again responded bravely and selflessly.

For me the freedom to be a musician has given me more than my own share of happiness. I've been lucky. Music has filled and enriched my life far beyond my expectations, and I have seen music touch countless others in so many ways. Music is the one universal language that all humanity can share. By supporting Operation Music Aid you can help give thanks to those that have sacrificed on our behalf by giving them a chance to know the fulfillment and joy of the pursuit and sharing of music. Music heals. Please help.

Petula Clark

"I am deeply moved by Operation: Music Aid. There seem to be so many "worthy causes" these days - but what could be more worthy than this? Music has played a huge part in my life - and has given me strenght and solace through some dark times - so I know it's power to sustain, and heal."

All my love and gratitude, Petula

David Crosby Legendary Musician

"I'm happy to support such a worthwhile cause to help our brave men and women who have given so much for their country."

Joseph Fire Crow

"There was a time when all young warriors carried the wooden flute. In times of joy and sorrow the warrior expressed his love and affection through songs called “Wolf Songs”. And in times of pain and anguish, these songs soothed his troubled heart!! Warriors healing Warriors, Warriors healing themselves."

Graham Nash

"In my life, music has always held the power to heal. This program fulfills all of my expectations. There are few things in this world more important than taking care of the brave men and women that take it upon themselves to be in the line of fire for us."

Keni Thomas - Country Music Artist

"Music is well said to be the speech of angels. Everytime you pick up an instrument, there is a potential for magic and healing in the gift of a song."

"I am extremely proud to wholeheartedly support Operation Music Aid, our Wounded Warriors and all of our military personnel serving in defense of our nation."

Mark Anderson Yamaha Corporation

Yamaha's key goals are to support wellnes in all people especially those in need." says Mark Anderson, Marketing Manager of Pro Audio and Combo for Yamaha Corporation of America. "It's extremely gratifying to know that our instruments are providing wounded soldiers with music as a healing tool."

Susan Forte - Executive Director Centerbrook Music School

"Operation: Music Aid is such a wonderful idea-the students and staff at Community Music School are delighted to help. The opportunity to learn and share music will be the perfect diversion for the soldiers in rehab, and will surely help speed their recovery. We know that music can give everyone a more positive outlook”

Community Music School helped raise funds for Operation: Music Aid through it's April 2006 spring concert.

Jon D'addario, Jr. - President, D'Addario Foundation

D'Addario has generously donated in-kind musical merchandise and lent a statement of support.

Donald Peters - Website Designer & Videographer

As a Vietnam veteran I am proud to maintain this website and host it. It is an honor to help serve those who gave more.

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