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4 Reasons to Have Your home Air Duct System Inspected Today

The benefits to having the air duct system in your house inspected and cleaned are numerous. This network of ducts circulates air in the home while helping regulate the inside temperatures. The duct cleaning crew can inspect and clean the entire system, which benefits more than the HVAC system.

These are 4 reasons to have air duct cleaning services inspect your home today;

Vacuuming Home Air Duct
1. Cleaning the Entire Duct System – Most homeowners can remove the vents and vacuum down as far as they can, but that only cleans a small percentage of the entire duct network. The duct cleaning experts have the right equipment to get to every inch of the duct network where mold may be growing so it can be disinfected and removed thoroughly. The professionals will leave the entire air ventilation system clean so the air quality inside the house improves.
Rodent Removal Home
2. Removal of Invading Rodents – Rodents can easily find their way into the attic in your home through a hole the size of a quarter. Once inside, they make their way into the air duct system where the treated air is the perfect place to build a nest to avoid predators or inclement weather outside. Not only are you breathing in the allergens they carry, but also their dropping inside the air ducts. The duct cleaning team will locate these various animals and remove them, their nests, and anything else they leave behind. For more information on rodent proofing your home, click here.
3. Improving Air Quality – Deep inside the network of air ducts that stretch all over the house could be a build up of pollutants, mildew, and mold. Your family is breathing in these airborne contaminants without even realizing. The air ducts cleaning crew utilize special equipment and organic cleaning solutions to disinfect every inch of the air ventilation system to reduce the likelihood of your family developing a number of dangerous respiratory diseases. Less mold spores in the air vent system means your family can breathe clean air again. Other ways to improve air quality are listed here.
Rusty Home
4. Less Strain on HVAC System – When anything is trapped inside the passages of the air duct system, it makes the HVAC air handler have to work harder to move the air through that network. When the ducts are professionally cleaned, air flows more easily and that means less energy to circulate that treated air. This means your heating and cooling system will run more efficiently and cost you less in repair bills over the life-span of the system.Utilizing air duct cleaning services, such as Pro Duct Solutions, will not only save you money in repairs for years to come, it will ensure your family is breathing in only the cleanest possible air each day. Schedule an inspection today so the experts can get eyes on all the areas you can’t see throughout the duct network.

5 Do-It-Yourself Solutions to Common Plumbing Problems

To many homeowners, some plumbing problems do not need the services of a professional plumber. However, you will find that most of these homeowners are good with tools and can handle the work involved. Fortunately, there are a few issues that almost all homeowners can tackle on their own. Apart from eliminating the need to contact a plumbing company, solving such problems allows you to save some money. Below are five do-it-yourself solutions to common plumbing problems. You can find more information online. The Drain Rescue Plumbers website may be a good place to begin your research.

1. Tangled kitchen sink sprayer
If you have to wiggle the hose when pulling out your kitchen sink sprayer, here’s a simple hack to ensure smooth operation. You’ll need ½-inch foam pipe insulation and duct tape. Slip the foam insulation over the shut-off handles and pipes under your kitchen sink. Although you can use the duct tape to wrap them together, plastic ties are more permanent.

2. Banging pipe
Pipes often bang when a valve or faucet is cut off suddenly. The sudden stop keeps water from compressing. Aside from the constant irritation, it can damage your pipes. You can prevent this by installing air chambers or shock absorbers into your water supply lines at each fixture. The inert gas and bellows will absorb the shock, which is why installing these manufactured products is better than using a foot long copper pipe.

3. Leaky pipe connections
If your pipes leak where they connect, try the pipe thread plumbing trick before you call a plumber. To complete this simple and pocket-friendly hack, you’ll need a bucket and tape. Turn off the main water supply first. Since there will be some water left over in the pipes after you turn off the main valves, you can avoid a huge mess by placing a bucket under the affected connection. Loosen the pipes at their threads with a monkey wrench and disconnect them temporarily. Wrap some tape around the threads in a clockwise motion and reconnect the pipes. The two pieces will have a much firmer grip, one that won’t spring a leak.

4. Clogged toilet
Although clearing a clogged toilet might be a bummer, not being able to use your toilet because it’s clogged is more stressful. A clogged toilet is one of the main reasons why many homeowners seek professional drain repair services. Every home needs a plunger, preferably one with a narrow flange at the end. This type will fit right into the snake pipe. You’ll probably have an overflow issue if you flush a clogged toilet. Give the water level time to reduce before you go in with the plunger and have something absorbent on hand to be on the safe side. The bell will most likely be full of air. Plunging gently releases the air pocket slowly. Thrusting hard might force air back around the seal, which will blow water all over. Plunge vigorously once you’ve released the air. Remember to maintain the seal and keep the plunger covered. This movement will loosen the clog by causing water to move in every direction. Repeat this easy hack if necessary.

5. Leaky faucet
You can fix a leaky faucet by replacing the circular rubber disc found inside the fixture. But before you replace the washer, tighten the faucet at the base and check to see if it stops leaking. If these easy hacks don’t work, the problem could be with the faucet itself, in which case you will need a new one. Getting the right fixture for your home might not be as easy as it seems since faucets come in different sizes. Seeking the assistance of a professional plumber is a good idea. Alternatively, you can remove the fixture and take it along for reference, which could mean shutting off your main water supply or the valve that services that particular line.

The easy tips listed above should keep your plumbing operations smooth and help prevent emergencies. Contact a plumbing company if the problem persists.

3 Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for the Winter

When the temperatures start to drop and when it’s time for you and your family to buckle down for a cold Canadian winter, it is important to protect your outdoor items so that they will still be in shape when the temperatures rise again next summer. For example, there is a good chance that you won’t really be using your outdoor furniture during the winter months, so you will probably want to do what you can to keep it in good shape until next year. Luckily, following these tips can help.

1. Clean It

First of all, even if you have worked hard to take good care of your outdoor furniture, there is a good chance that it has gotten dirty throughout the course of the summer. If this is the case, you’re going to want to get it nice and clean before you store it for the winter. Then, you can help prevent stains, rust and other types of wear and tear.

The way that you will wash your furniture will depend on the type of furniture that you have. For basic plastic or metal furniture, spraying it off with a water hose, cleaning it with a rag or gentle brush and some gentle soap and then rinsing it thoroughly should do the trick. You can then leave it outdoors so that it can dry. For other types of furniture and for outdoor upholstery, you’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you clean it properly.

2. Cover It

There are a lot of high-quality furniture covers on the market that are designed specifically to protect patio furniture when it’s not in use. In very cold climates, this might not be a good option. If you are expecting a relatively mild winter and don’t want to put your furniture up or if you don’t have any indoor storage space, however, covering your furniture and leaving it on your patio can be an option. When choosing covers, however, make sure that you choose covers that are durable and that fit properly for best results. Visit the Ace Peel Hardware & Supply website for additional information and more online resources.

3. Store It

If possible, you may want to store your outdoor furniture somewhere indoors for the winter so that you can shield it from the elements. For example, putting your furniture in a garage or a self-storage unit can be a good option. You can even move it into your attic or into a spare bedroom after cleaning it.

Taking good care of your patio furniture and other furniture items that you keep outdoors is important. If you follow these tips this winter, however, you should not have anything to worry about, and you should be able to keep your furniture in good shape.

A Closer Look at How Moving Company Fees Are Calculated

If you have received a quote or two from movers for help with your upcoming relocation plans, you may be wondering why different quotes vary significantly. With two or more companies each requested to do the same job, you might think that the rates would be more closely competitive. One moving company may have a different way of calculating fees than another. With a closer review of the methods, you may discover that one method yields a lower rate for your specific move than another.

A Flat Hourly Rate
While uncommon for long distance movers, many local movers charge a flat hourly rate for service. Their service typically includes the promise of a certain number of workers assisting with your relocation from start to finish. Some companies may further attempt to estimate the number of hours your project will take to help you budget for the project. However, keep in mind that some professionals may work far more slowly than others, and this rate structure certainly will not promote efficiency by the moving team. Furthermore, it also means that you are paying for workers to take breaks or even to eat lunch. In addition, some companies round up to the next hour, and this can tack onto your cost unnecessarily. Another point to consider is that some office staff may estimate the number of hours your project will take on the low side, and this means that you may be surprised by a much higher than anticipated cost after the work has been completed. You can find more information at Premiere Van Lines.

A Per Room or Per Item Rate
Other moving companies have a more precise way of calculating rates. They generally will charge you per room or even per item. They may ask you to itemize all major furnishings in your home as well as the number of boxes you need the movers to pack into the truck. With this method, the number of stairs in the project as well as how close the truck can park to the home will be used to give you an estimate. While it can be burdensome to provide so much information to a company up-front just to get a quote, the result is that the quote may be much more accurate.

Keep in mind that there are ways to manage costs with a flat hourly rate. For example, you can do as much of the work on your own, and you can even move some of your items downstairs and next to the front door so that the movers simply need to load the truck. You can also ask the workers not to take breaks if you are so inclined. As you compare different quotes, keep these differences in mind so that you can better control your moving experience and fees.

Planning To Set Up Your Business in A Self-Storage Unit? Read This First

Tenants use their self-storage units for different purposes. A study conducted by SpareFoot showed that one out of five customers uses their units for business purposes. Although they have excellent success stories, there are legal repercussions.

Using your self-storage for business puts you at risk of being evicted and at times arrest and prosecution. The facilities are under municipal laws; which in most cases do not permit operating businesses. Therefore, before using storage units to run your company, consult your landlord to find out if the lease allows.

Once you confirm that it is legal to set up your business in storage units, here are some businesses you can set up in there.

Four businesses you can run in a self storage unit

Do you have challenges finding space from where you can run your small business? Probably you manage it from your house, and all your rooms are filled with excess paperwork and your work tools. It is high time you get a professional location so that you can upscale your business. If you are at this point, do not go for an expensive lease. Instead, consider renting a sizeable storage unit.

Content provider
If you want to boost your creativity, then you ought to be in an environment that offers you the tranquility you require. In a self-storage unit, you can set up your laptop, run electricity and set up an internet connection that is, of course, necessary for your business. You are probably wondering how you can ever find peace in a ductless and windowless bunker. Well, modern units are equipped with infrastructure thus making it realistic to run businesses inside.

Video producer
You can customize a unit to suit your video shooting specifications. Some units are quite large thus allowing adequate space for video shooting. You can have a desk for placing your laptop computer. All you need is to have a good sound engineer to ensure that they manage the audio challenges that you may experience while in the unit.

eBay business
Regardless of what you trade on eBay, Etsy, Amazon or any other online platform, a self-storage unit is ideal for ensuring the success of your enterprise. With the right amenities, the storage unit can serve as a photo studio and a bunker where you can store a few items for sale.

Mr. or Miss. Fix it
As a handyman, you sure require somewhere to place to place your tools. Operating from the house might seem reasonable until one of your tools is misplaced or mishandled by your child or pet. With the demand for someone who can repair a broken pipe or an electrical device quickly, the demand for handymen has grown tremendously. Therefore, you need to ensure your tools are in good condition so that you can get to your clients as fast as possible.

Benefits or running your business from a self storage unit

Enhanced flexibility
Small businesses sometimes face challenges especially when it comes to storage space. It is especially because they need to store a few tools they require for their business yet warehouse costs are very high. With a self-storage unit, you can place it in your ideal location and move it when it is necessary.

Reduced costs and overheads
A self-storage unit is bound to cost less than warehouse storage or an office lease. For small enterprises, this will come in handy in reducing costs. Therefore, profits are higher, and consequently, the business prospers.

6 Tips to Follow When Removing Junk from Your Home or Office

It’s spring again, and you are excited to usher in the new season. Apart from the fairly good weather, there is also the issue of spring cleaning. With all the loads of unwanted waste that has accumulated in your home for the past months, it is possible to get stranded. If your house is starting to feel like a trash can, these junk removal tips will come in handy.

Set targets
You probably want to de-clutter the entire house, but understand that you cannot do so at once. You need to set timelines if you want to finish the work. Your targets should be based on the severity of the junk as well as your energy levels. Your goal can be something like; I will sort forty boxes in the basement this week.

Identify what you want to get rid of
To simplify the waste removal process, it is advisable to decide how you will manage your waste. For instance, you might choose to donate some of the clothes that are in good condition to charity. Other documents that you do not require anymore can be subject to disposal. Whenever you sort items, make sure you label the boxes to avoid confusion.

Set guidelines
You could be planning to trash magazines, but it is important to decide the kind of magazines you will be throwing away and those which you plan to keep. You can set a guideline such that you trash only the magazines that are older than one year then maintain the rest. You can have guidelines for all items. Such a plan will make the junk removal process simpler and faster.

Dispose of all the garbage
You are likely not to have a second opinion with regards to some of the items. Whichever way ensure you throw away anything you do not intend to keep immediately into garbage bins. In case you do not have these, talk to a waste removal company around you. The providers offer garbage bins to their clients upon request.

Have a positive mindset
The processing of cleaning up your home or office is very easy. All you need is a positive attitude. The hard part is usually deciding to clean up the place. Once you get started, the rest will be super easy. Remember that removing junk from your home or office space is advantageous in many ways.

Hire a junk removal service provider
Besides offering dumpster rental services, these firms usually provide removal services. After you put your waste in the dumpster rental, it surely has to be disposed at some point. The disposal process is technical and requires trained personnel to manage. The workers at junk removal companies are trained on various disposal techniques depending on the type of waste in question.

Why You Shouldn’t Try to Handle Your Own Weed Control

If you are dealing with a lot of weeds in your lawn and garden, you might have thought about going to a lawn care store to purchase EPA approved chemicals to take care of the problem yourself. However, you might find that you are better off working with an integrated pest management company that offers weed control services so that you can get rid of existing weeds and prevent pervasive weeds from growing in the future. These are a few reasons why.

There are Various Steps for Weed Control

If you think that simply spraying a chemical on your property will help you get rid of your weed problem, you should think again. Sure, there are chemicals on the market that can help, but for truly effective long-term weed control, it’s important to take multiple steps. For example, putting down a weed prevention fabric in your flower beds, using mulch when possible and taking other similar steps can help you prevent weeds. It can be challenging to get these steps right if you don’t have any experience, but a professional who is experienced in weed control can help.

Chemicals Can Be Dangerous

Another thing that you should think about before buying weed control sprays and just spraying them in your yard is how dangerous they can be. If you aren’t careful, you could use too many chemicals or could use the wrong chemicals, or you could apply them in the wrong way. This can be dangerous for you and your family. A professional, however, will know how to use chemicals in the safest way possible while also eradicating weeds.

You Could Damage Your Plants

The unfortunate thing about weed killers is the fact that they can kill your plants as well. In fact, since many weeds are a lot harder to kill than your favorite flowering plants, there is a chance that you could end up accidentally killing your plants while still leaving the weeds behind. For more information, you can visit the Weed Man USA website.

Someone who has a lot of experience in getting rid of weeds, however, can help. This is because he or she can help with choosing chemicals that are as safe as possible for your favorite plants and making sure that they are used in the right way.

It’s a Lot of Work

Eradicating weeds is a lot more work than many people realize. If you’re like a lot of busy people, you might not really have the time to handle your own weed control in the right way. Luckily, leaning on a professional can help you ensure that you get it done without having to spend all of your free time on it.

As you can see, it’s often not a good idea to try to handle weed control yourself. Instead, consider working with a professional lawn care company that can help you out for these reasons and more.

Tips on How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC service provider is critical whenever you want to repair or install a heating and cooling system. You must hire someone who has what it takes to install, repair and replace your system without a problem. Here are some helpful tips you might want to consider.

Ask for referrals

Do not go for popular HVAC contractors in town. You must do some background check first to determine whether they are suitable for the project. Ask friends, workmates or relatives for possible recommendations. Ensure you ask someone who has had a previous experience with an HVAC contractor. In case you cannot get direct referrals, search local business directories for reviews and contacts.

License and other permits

An HVAC system contractor must satisfy the local regulatory bodies that he has what it takes to offer HVAC repair, installation and replacement services in a specific area. He needs to prove that he is well-trained and can observe the codes of practice before he gets a license or any other permit that might be relevant to the industry. Therefore, ensure the person you choose has all the licenses and certificates required in your area. If you are unsure which permits and licenses are required, contact the government representatives in your area.

Check whether the contractor has insurance

Whether you need a furnace installation, repair or replacement, go for someone who is insured so that you can protect your home financially from possible damages. Ask the contractor to give you enough details about the things his insurance policy covers. This will help you to weigh your options and determine whether the risks of the repair are included in the coverage.

Consider the reputation of the contractor

You need to know what people are saying about the contractor. You can search online for reviews. There are a lot of sites out there that give consumers a chance to provide an account of their experience with service providers. Also, check whether the contractor has been suspended by professional bodies for misconduct. A contractor with a bad reputation will only make your situation worse.

Schedule an interview

You need to schedule an interview with those you think are most suited for the job. You don’t want someone who does not even have an idea about furnace repair. Schedule an interview with each contractor to know more about them. Get to know about their past projects and their outcome. Ask if they can provide you with references to verify their claims. Ask about their rates and the number of people who will work in your house. Also, see how the contractor handles you.

You can then make an informed decision based on how each one of them answered your questions.

Why Hiring a Residential Painting Service is the Right Choice

There’s no doubt that the house needs a fresh coat of paint. What you must decide now is how the project will be handled. Instead of attempting the job yourself, why not talk with a couple of professional painters? Here are some of the advantages that come with hiring the right person for the house painting.

Someone Else Takes Care of the Preparation

There’s a lot that must be done before a fresh coat of paint is applied. There’s the washing, scraping, and priming to deal with first. Those tasks take a fair amount of time and effort. Do you really want to handle the preparation on your own.

Professionals from a local painting company know how to deal with all the preparation quickly and efficiently. In a fraction of the time it would take for you to finish the prep work, those painters will have the outer walls ready for whatever new color of paint you have in mind.

Choosing the Right Paint

Did you know there is more than one kind of exterior paint? Even if you are somewhat aware of the different types, do you know which one is right for your home exterior? A professional from a local residential paint company can take one look at your house and identify the perfect option. The result will be a paint job that lasts for more years and be easier to maintain.

Gathering the Equipment

Even if your home is a one-story design, there’s still quite a bit of painting equipment needed. Grabbing a bucket of paint and a brush will not be enough. You can spend quite a bit of money purchasing some of the equipment and renting the other things you need. A better approach is to hire painters from a residential painting company who already have everything necessary. All you have to do is sit back and watch them manage the job.

Dealing With the Heat

With summer on the way, do you really want to spend your weekends painting those exterior walls? Between the direct sunlight and the higher temperatures from noon to the middle of the afternoon, things can be uncomfortable. If you hire professional house painters to take care of the job, they will get the job done while you find something else to do inside. For additional information, visit Absolute Home Services and learn more from their online resources.

Attention to Detail

Another point in favor of hiring a professional from a local painting company is the detailed results the pro provides. There are minor details that you may overlook but a professional will notice immediately. Thanks to that attention to detail, the paint job will truly look its best.

Before you decide to take on a residential painting job on your own, call a local painting company and have a professional visit your home. The expense will be more affordable and it will be hard to beat the results.

6 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Entertaining Space With Landscape Design

Landscape design does not stop at the addition of trees, sod and a few plants. There are a few custom features you can add that will make your outdoor entertaining more enjoyable for all. Below are six ways to beautify and increase the usability of your outdoor space.


Being fortunate enough to own a pool is a nice plus in any neighborhood. There are ways to take a basic pool setting and add a few landscaping features that will make your home stand out from the rest. A nice rock designed waterfall with some greenery will make your drab pool area look like a virtual oasis. Natural stone walkways will add a more natural look to the environment.

Walkways and Gardens

Entertaining can be fun, but what about the times you want to spend alone, enjoying nature? Add an ornate flower garden with stone paths for your own personal enjoyment. Add a small bench or table and chairs for the perfect setting to get away from it all. You will have a hard time going back to the hectic world after experiencing the meditative relaxation this sort of scenery can offer.


You might really enjoy the outdoors, but are bothered by taking in too much sun, or being bothered by flying insects. A gazebo might be the answer to these problems. It offers shelter from the elements and can be screen-covered to protect you and your family from the nuisance of flies and mosquitoes. You can have them stained, or painted to match the surrounding architecture.


There are a wide variety of materials to construct a beautiful patio floor. You can have the look of natural stone, tile, concrete or brick. Each offer a different look and texture. The color combinations are enormous. You are sure to find the perfect material to use as a surface that will last for years.


Adding a deck is a popular landscaping technique to place more available space onto the edge of a home for entertaining purposes. They are simple to add to the side, or back of a home and give you an incredible amount of additional square footage for outdoor enjoyment. They can be crafted out of natural wood, or vinyl products.

Complete Outdoor Entertaining Designs

You can incorporate one, or more of these ideas to create the complete outdoor entertainment area. Add a gazebo over a patio, a walkway leading from the garden to the pool, a deck for sunning near the pool, or place an entire outdoor kitchen under a gazebo for serious under-the-stars dinner parties.

Contact an outdoor space expert today for the best landscape design to meet your entertainment needs. At the Royal Decks website, you may be able to find more information and resources.