Keep Yourself Busy & Helpful on The Moving Days with These 4 Activities

You may have been involved in enough moving exercises to know that people almost never take moving to be a fun activity. In fact, in most cases, it’s kind of like a first-class ticket to the Stress City. Most people are usually clueless on what to do when the Edmonton movers are now doing their thing. This kind of disorientation is expected and can make the moving process stressing. But what if that no longer has to be the case?

Well, you will not get a similar feeling like someone from a spa. But you will, at least, feel less stressful during and even after the move. Follow these steps and see your moving experience become less of a daunting experience.

1. Getting Something To Eat & Drink For Everyone

It is no doubt that you, and even the movers if you hired some, will be super-busy on the moving day. But still, you might want to find the time to grab a snack and some drinks with your movers. You will want to keep your energy levels up especially if you still have a long way to go to complete the entire process. Some sandwiches, fruits, energy bars or any other healthy snacks can do the trick. You should also have bottled water available should you or any of the movers need to drink. Cold drinks for a hot day or a hot drink for a cold day will also do you and your movers a lot of justice and probably even make the moving work speed more effectively.

2. Checking On Your Cleaning Supplies

After packing all of your household items into the moving truck, your old home will be in a mess. This is the point where you need to take up your cleaning supplies and do a little cleaning. It is wise to do so especially if you are planning to sell it or get your security deposit back intact. So, have your cleaning products ready to pounce on any dirt and dust that might have accumulated in the old home while you were residing in it. Also, check your surroundings and make sure that everything is perfect and in excellent condition before you leave for your new residence.

3. Kids Unpacking Their Stuff

It is not always easy relocating from one location to another. And it is especially not always easy for the kids. It can take them quite a while to adjust to the new environment. That is why you need to try as much as you can to ease them into their new environment. And you can start by letting them unpack their things in their new rooms so that they can get a feel of their new environments. Also, you can let them help you unpack some of the other household items as well.

4. Have Some Music To Lighten Up The Mood

If you are looking to add more flare to the moving process, then an awesome playlist is the way to go. This tip may sound silly to most homeowners on the mover, but it can work wonders during the time. You can go for songs that keep you motivated as you pack and then choose more relaxed songs when you finally have to unpack your items in your new digs. It is more of a psychological thing.

The Six Secrets You Will Never Know About Air Conditioning Repair

If your air conditioner is not working, it means that the central air conditioner is not cooling right. The good thing is that you do not have to hire air conditioning repair Oshawa experts at all times to have your AC working again. There are simple and useful DIY techniques that can be used to store your air conditioner. These are the secrets that the technicians do not want individuals to know because they will lose a chunk of their customers. When the central AC does not go on when the thermostat signals, here is what you should do.

1. Check the Main Electrical Panel

You should first check the main electrical panel and the secondary circuit electrical panels. This is because they will help you to detect the problem which could be a tripped breaker or a fuse that has blown. If there is an issue there, reset the breaker by simply turning it off and then replacing the fuse. If the breaker is still tripping, there could be a short in the system. At this point, it is advisable to get an electrician to solve this issue.

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2. Ensure the Thermostat is Set to Cool

Make sure you check the setting of the thermostat as it should be set to cool. In addition to this, its temperature should be at least 3 degrees lower than the room temperature.

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3. Ensure that the Power is On

Sometimes, the switch could be off. Therefore, ensure that it is on. The switch is found in the furnace or the air handler. In addition to this, ensure that the compressor’s 240 volt is not shut off.

Image result for Air Conditioner Power On button

4. Remove the Body of the Thermostat

Once the power to the air conditioner is turned off, the next step is to remove the thermostat’s body. You can separate the body from the base by just pulling it straight out.  If it has batteries, at this point you can replace the batteries because it could be out of the required battery level that makes it operate effectively. Proceed to ensure that the wires are securely attached to their terminals. Also, ensure that the cover does not pinch them and then replace the cover. Wait for about five minutes and restart the system.

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5. Unscrew the Wire From the Y Terminal

If after all those steps the AC does not work, open the thermostat and then unscrew the wire from the Y terminal. After this, switch the power back on and hold the wire by its insulation. If the compressor kicks on, the thermostat is faulty.

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6. Check the Capacitor and Contactor

Most of the time, the capacitor is the problem. If it has failed, the AC will not run. At this point, it is better if it is replaced.

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Trends You May Have Missed About Moving Companies

The best way to sort out moving problems is by consulting moving companies. Most movers Edmonton have experienced professionals who have seen it all therefore they are likely to offer diverse solutions to numerous problems. In fact, moving companies keep improving their services and they offer some that individuals do not even know they exist. Here are some of the trends that you may have missed about moving companies.

1. Packing and Unpacking

Moving takes a lot of time because of the time spent packing items. Fragile items especially require extra caution therefore individuals take up to even three weeks to pack them. If you are trying to avoid this, hiring a moving company is an ideal solution. The have packages that include packing of items and unpacking them once the new home owner has arrived at their new residence. In addition to this, they do that safely because they have the resources to do so.

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2. Safe Handling for Special Items

Moving companies often have custom packaging services that are availed for special items which require extra care in the moving process. You just have to tell the movers what you need and they will offer the special handling services for items like collections, electronics and antiques among other fragile items.

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3. Storage Solutions

Sometimes, your new house may not be ready by the time you are vacating the old one. That could be a mess but some moving companies have a solution to that problem. They help by partnering with local storage facilities to ensure that your items are safely secured. The items will be packaged in a safe manner while being under comprehensive insurance.

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3. Packing Supplies

Some individuals prefer to pack their items for themselves because they like being discreet. If you are one of those people, some moving companies offer packing supplies to their clients so that they can have an easy time while packing. These packing supplies also ensure that the items are secure. Some of the packing supplies include packaging tapes, dish packs and cardboard moving boxes.

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4. Eco-Boxes

Eco-boxes are vital during the moving process. They aid in reducing your carbon footprint when moving. In addition to them being efficient, they are cheap and environmentally friendly. They also offer maximum safety to the items that are being moved. It is essential to conserve the environment and these Eco-boxes are a great innovation because they ensure that the environment is safe.

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5. On Site and Custom Estimates

Most reputable moving companies make the moving estimates with an automated system. An office worker can also do this. Therefore, when hiring a company, ensure that the one who has given you the quotation has a great deal of experience.

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